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The maximum benefit

LED lighting is popular, but what is the maximum benefit?

In considering the future of the global environment, CO2 reduction is the real challenge. By switching to LED lighting, we reduce energy by reducing power consumption to less than half of the conventional illumination, and enable reduction of CO2. Another characteristics of the LED is the long lifespan unlike conventional lighting. As a result, that it can significantly reduce the number and effort the (labor and construction costs) to replace the light bulb. There are some other advantages such as excellent high-speed response (car tail lamp), very little point etc. attenuation of illumination at low temperatures and more advantages as well.

Why is it becoming a hot topic?

What is LED in the first place? Why is it becoming a hot topic?

Since the production of LED lighting recently the low-cost fluorescent lamp type has appeared. Before introducing LED lighting in the company, first, let's see what is LED? LED is referred to as the formal name of light-emitting diode (Light Emitting Diode). It is a light source covering a small semiconductor chip that shines When conduct electricity with a transparent epoxy resin. It is also referred as the fourth generation of the light source of long life, small size and light weight. LED has visible light, little irradiation, strong and excellent shock to blink performance, and some other many excellent properties such that it does not contain harmful substances in the environment, and inexpensive price too. However, that progress in the development of LED lighting from the summer of 2009 and, by the cost reduction due overseas production, product affordable in light bulb type or a fluorescent lamp type has been announced. It is also noted that with promotion and increasing measures such as subsidies menu of local government, companies and local governments, the number of using individuals is increasing.

光の三原色 ●Three primary colors of light
 Red R, green G, I and blue B. The three primary colors of light are different from the three primary colors of pigment system (paint or ink, etc.). Simply put red, blue, and is white it's light whereas become black when overlaying the green paint. Yellow Y and red and green overlap, the cyan C and green and blue overlap, you will magenta M and I will say this is acceptable color process. Please look at the circle of red R. G, B, Y, M will become white and overlapping with the cyan C to form a color overlaps red. So red R and cyan C I will say that there is a complementary color of relationship. Complementary color of similarly green G is magenta M, complementary color of blue B you can see that it is yellow. Please remember firmly this thing. It is important to have color correction using the filter.

So much of energy-saving performance is better

How much do you save energy when you switch to LED lighting from incandescent and fluorescent lamps?

Because LED lighting is a developing technology, it is constantly evolving. Although not be generalized because energy efficiency of the fluorescent lamp also has been improved more than ever, generally as compared to incandescent bulb 1/8 ~ 1/10 mm, energy saving of about 1/2 as compared with fluorescent lamps .
Comparison with LED lamp
  Kyoritsu LED LED lamp Incandescent bulb fluorescent lamp
(Normal type)
HID lamp
Emission intensity Total luminous flux high output products
high output products
Input 1 ~ 2kW
Luminous efficiency 80〜140lm/W 30〜50lm/W 17lm/W 68〜84lm/W 100lm/W
Energy exchange Visible light
15〜20% 15〜20% 8〜14% 25% 20〜40%
Color 2000K〜
Color rendering index rate Ra70〜90 Ra72〜85 Ra100 Ra61〜74 Ra65〜70
Lifespan 40000-90000 h 20000 ~ 40000 h 1000h 12000h 12000h




Is there an ideal standard or standards?

Are there any criteria and standards for choosing a good LED lighting?

LED lighting in a developing stage of its technology, still does not have a standard of quality and performance. NPO, LED lighting Promotion Council in Japan, in the United States has NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), is aimed at standardization of the standards. The standardization has been preceded by the South Korea, "technical standards Institute" of Ministry of Knowledge Economy in March 2009 (corresponding to METI) and has issued the certification standards. Therefore, Korean "KS certification standards" will be a measure of choosing products distributed in Korea. In all cases, because now no JIS standards, and already LED lighting is on sale. However the reality of having "bad products" is also floating around cheap. Because reasons concerning electrical product, electromagnetic waves and, measures of over-current at the time of lightning, it is very important if there are measures of dust-proof and waterproof performance. Always before purchase, let's verify that the product been evaluated by the third-party organizations such as the Foundation for Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET), PSE (Product Safety Electrical Appliance & Materials) and see their evaluation.

Which manufacturer is good?

Which, among the leading lighting manufacturers of products of Japan, is more satisfying?

No doubt that the products of leading lighting manufacturers seem to be assuredly guaranteed regarding the performance and others. In addition, because the LED is a semiconductor, and lighting manufacturers are many, you will not need to worry about a manufacturer of products as doing research of the characteristics of the manufacturers and LED dealing with the semiconductor. However, if you want to have a plan of cheaper purchase, as for ordering materials from multiple manufacturers or distributors for example, you may contact us and let's help you with the information and the estimation.

Is knowledge of lighting necessary?

Please tell me the basics of lighting I should know prior to the introduction of the LED lighting!

So far, since the LED lighting has no JIS standard, but with no knowledge at all there is a risk that of buying bad products or being misguided by the seller. Just to get the basic knowledge you can understand the description of the manufacturers and dealers, and it will help you think about the lighting plan. In addition to know the basic characteristics of the semiconductor, that will enable you to judge concerning the view of long life.

●Figure of basic characteristics of the light

The light source as to be an infrared or ultraviolet other than the generated visible light may cause a damage of the object.

Catalog of viewing and light units

In various ways there is a unit of the lighting of the performance, I do not know well how to read the catalog. Please tell me the minimum point I should know !

The used lighting performance evaluation engages: (1) color temperature, (2) color rendering properties, (3) the light beam, (4) intensity, (5) illumination, (6) is the luminance. , Each unit, (1) K = Kelvin (representing a light color) (2) Ra = Arue (color rendering index), (3) lm = lumens (light flux), (4) cd = candela (luminosity), (5) lx = lux (illuminance), it becomes (6) cd / m2 = candela / square meter (brightness). Of course, to compare the same units with each other when you look at the catalog is to value it. You also need to make sure you actually see the product in the showrooms. Lighting test before purchasing is also can be performed to be more convinced.

units of light to evaluate the performance of illumination

● K = Kelvin (color temperature)
It is an important factor that determines the impression of space. Light of the light source is low as reddish or as high as whitish.

● Ra = Arue (average color rendering index)
The color of the reproducibility of things by the light of color rendering properties. The average color rendering index is the reference light and Ra100 is a numerical value as color shift is largely increasing. For food department and clothing stores, such as printing plant, color rendering properties are important in such areas where there is a need to look properly.
The average color rendering
  type average color rendering index (Ra]
Incandescent bulbs ordinary bulb 100W 100
Ball-shaped bulb 100W 100
Krypton bulb 90W 100
Halogen bulb 500W 100
Fluorescent light lamp fluorescent lamp white 40W 64
Color rendering form fluorescent lamp white 40W 92
Krypton bulb white 37W 64
Halogen bulb white 38W 84
Pressure electric lamp mercury lamp transparent 400W 23
Fluorescent mercury lamp 400W 44
Metal halide lamp 400W 65
Metal halide lamp and high color rendering type 400W 92
High pressure sodium lamp 400W  

光源の種類 演色性
平均演色評価数の範囲 用途
適している 許容できる
1A Ra≧90 色検査、美術館  
1B 80≦Ra<90 住宅、ホテル、
2 60≦Ra<80 一般的な工場 オフィス、
3 40≦Ra<60 粗い作業の工場 一般的な工場
4     粗い作業の工場

● lm=ルーメン(光束)
光源 光速[lm]
太陽 3.6×1028
白熱電球 40W 485
白色蛍光ランプ 40W 3000
蛍光水銀ランプ 40W 1400
蛍光水銀ランプ 400W 22000

● lx=ルクス(照度)

● cd/m2=カンデラ/m2(輝度)

● cd=カンデラ(光度)

光源 光速[lm]
太陽 3.6×1027
白熱電球 40W 40
白色蛍光ランプ 40W 330
蛍光水銀ランプ 40W 110
蛍光水銀ランプ 400W 1800



What is the difference with fluorescent lamps?

What is the difference between The LED lighting and fluorescent lamps type considering illumination and power consumption?

As a reference for measuring the illuminance, there is lux (lx), Lux is calculated from the lumen (lm). Those of fluorescent light will appear to be superior lumen (lm), but the fluorescent lamp is off a 360-degree light. If LED lighting of a fluorescent lamp type basically provides lower beam facing downwards, the light beam at the time of a new article of fluorescent lamp's 2500 ~ 3000lm (40W type), if that is attached to the ceiling, the brightness falling on top of the desk is not really making 1500 ~ 1800lm. Therefore, if you choose the LED product of fluorescent lamp types which meet these criteria will give about the same degree of brightness. Concerning the power consumption, by replacing the LED fluorescent lamp type, you will consume about half 20W compared to the conventional fluorescent lamps.

Pitfalls of luminometer

Is it mistake to choose the one that suits you from measuring the brightness of the luminometer ?

Make no mistake that LED lighting has a different brightness from the fluorescent lamps that are currently installed. Lighting and brightness will continue to fall gradually over lighting time. If the already installed lighting has passed 3-4 years maintaining the same brightness, the new illumination falling of brightness then will no longer be maintained. The current fluorescent lamps when purchased were much brighter. In the case of LED lighting, irradiation range there is often narrower than the fluorescent lamp, and it is better that you make the illuminance measured at several points just below the lighting. In addition, during the measurement, you must have the consideration of such conduct after confirming whether it is or not the incoming external light using same measurement instrument.

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