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Frequently Asked Questions (2) What is LED in the first place?
Why is it becoming a hot topic?

What is LED in the first place? Why is it becoming a hot topic?

Since the production of LED lighting recently the low-cost fluorescent lamp type has appeared. Before introducing LED lighting in the company, first, let's see what is LED? LED is referred to as the formal name of light-emitting diode (Light Emitting Diode). It is a light source covering a small semiconductor chip that shines When conduct electricity with a transparent epoxy resin. It is also referred as the fourth generation of the light source of long life, small size and light weight. LED has visible light, little irradiation, strong and excellent shock to blink performance, and some other many excellent properties such that it does not contain harmful substances in the environment, and inexpensive price too. However, that progress in the development of LED lighting from the summer of 2009 and, by the cost reduction due overseas production, product affordable in light bulb type or a fluorescent lamp type has been announced. It is also noted that with promotion and increasing measures such as subsidies menu of local government, companies and local governments, the number of using individuals is increasing.

光の三原色 ●Three primary colors of light
 Red R, green G, I and blue B. The three primary colors of light are different from the three primary colors of pigment system (paint or ink, etc.). Simply put red, blue, and is white it's light whereas become black when overlaying the green paint. Yellow Y and red and green overlap, the cyan C and green and blue overlap, you will magenta M and I will say this is acceptable color process. Please look at the circle of red R. G, B, Y, M will become white and overlapping with the cyan C to form a color overlaps red. So red R and cyan C I will say that there is a complementary color of relationship. Complementary color of similarly green G is magenta M, complementary color of blue B you can see that it is yellow. Please remember firmly this thing. It is important to have color correction using the filter.

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