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Both Chairman Jyuji Mera and President Mitsunori Mera, At the "TAMAGUSHI" ritual of the groundbreaking ceremony on August 2nd.

At the site in mid-August. Building the fence as a Preparation before starting the construction.
At the site on Early September. Large heavy machinery is to get into the site preparing for the construction.
At the site in mid-September. Foundation work is in progress. Heavy equipment has been moved to the front side.
At the site on the second half of September. Steadily construction is underway safely.
At the site on early October. A shot from the roof of The Sankyo Techno Factory; a now solid built foundation!
At the site on early October.
A shot from above on early October. The foundation work is progressing steadily.

Mid-October. A shot from the field in the second plant. While fine weather continues, foundation work is underway!
In early November, Implanting steel frame forming the pillars of the building. Blessed by the good weather, we are progressing well.
Assembling steel that became pillars has begun.
Steel has begun to rise in pairs.
Steel went up in pairs from the front south side.
Construction is well underway.

Construction is well underway.
Steel has, day by day, been assembled from the front left side. Large crane vehicles have also been introduced.
Construction work is going steadily.
Construction is well underway and blessed with fine weather.
Construction is well underway.
Construction is well underway. Lying half of the roof has been completed.
Lying of the roof has been ended; The installation of the wall from the south side started. Construction is well underway.
Construction is well underway.
A photograph of the interior of the second plant's construction progress. Touring inside the plant, the factory is provided with second floor with 2-layer, its height is about 25m. The third floor will be used for experimental fields such as LED for the tunnels.

The south side of the outer wall was nearly completed. The completed second plant will become a landmark in the region. The south exterior wall has got a picture of Amagajo park of Takaoka-town. The front will also soon be completed. What a fantastic site it would be after completion.
Construction is well underway. Outer wall installation of east (front) is also almost completed, scaffolding has gone removed sequentially. Cherry trees of Amagajo are largely depicted.

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星の光 公園灯・駐車場・ローポール
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恵の光 ソーラー充電式照明
星の光 スポーツ施設
LED屋外照明灯 導入事例
星の光 高天井
星の光 スクエア
星の光 ダウンライト・ブラケット
LED屋内照明灯 導入事例
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Construction's flow of Sankyo Techno Factory
Construction's flow of Sankyo Techno Factory (part 2)
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