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 Can the characteristics of lighting be recognized properly?

Is there a point to poor LED lighting compared to conventional lighting?

Well, less color rendering properties compared to conventional lighting is the point. However, depending on the research and development done, depending on the manufacturer, you may as us for some limited quantity as a sample before producing the original product that corresponds to the needed color rendering properties.

What is point that we want to keep in the selection of LED lighting?

What is the point you want to keep in the selection of LED lighting and obtain a good product?

First, please check the characteristics of the product. These are the "brightness" "Power," "long life", "price". Moreover, it is important to get a performance evaluation of third-party organization or check track record of the producers.

How to know the bad products?

Is there a way to know the bad products only by appearance?

Only by look, do not judge the product. However, as a basic concept of lighting, You must be careful about LED lighting commercialized by using the LED package called "bullet-shaped".. Because bullet-shaped illuminance becomes very high, it is very effective as a lighting to see, such as in bulletin boards and traffic lights. However there will be no enough spread of light in an entire room as supposed to be and hence it is difficult to take advantage of it.

Tips on distinguishing long life!

Is there any way to prove that the lifespan is 40,000 hours ?!

First, long lifespan of 40,000 hours is the average of the LED chip. Because LED is a semiconductor, it is weak against heat. Therefore, LED lighting is a very important material for releasing heat and has basically become useful as an excellent structure to heat dissipation. For example, for a fluorescent lamp type, the power package, etc. tends to increase the temperature in which a plurality of LED chips on the LED package to light by applying a high load to a multi-package or chip mounted, heat the material and the pipe foundation; so by using something that does not conduct would be muffled during the heat, it does not last for a long life. In short LED lighting will be the how modular (commercialization) that have been or will point using the LED. in order to confirm whether the heat dissipation is kept properly, you may want to check and whether are measured and evaluated the temperature of the substrate by a third party. Benefits of LED lighting is to save you time and effort of lighting replacement by overwhelming longevity life. Soredakeni defect of heat dissipation structure is fatal. Is the point that it is a thermal design with fluorescent lamp type of easy single SMD type escape the LED if heat.

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Can we use subsidy?

Because it is possible to change the bulb to the type of LED, is lighting subsidy possible? I would like to replace the LED, but can I get any subsidy?

Changing to LED lighting is the current situation where the environment and energy are saved. So the usage of LED is going to be increased more and more.. Make sure you can use the subsidies and tax incentives, and confirm about that with the related adminstrations.

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