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Frequently Asked Questions (9) What is the difference with fluorescent lamps?
What is the difference with fluorescent lamps?

What is the difference between The LED lighting and fluorescent lamps type considering illumination and power consumption?

As a reference for measuring the illuminance, there is lux (lx), Lux is calculated from the lumen (lm). Those of fluorescent light will appear to be superior lumen (lm), but the fluorescent lamp is off a 360-degree light. If LED lighting of a fluorescent lamp type basically provides lower beam facing downwards, the light beam at the time of a new article of fluorescent lamp's 2500 ~ 3000lm (40W type), if that is attached to the ceiling, the brightness falling on top of the desk is not really making 1500 ~ 1800lm. Therefore, if you choose the LED product of fluorescent lamp types which meet these criteria will give about the same degree of brightness. Concerning the power consumption, by replacing the LED fluorescent lamp type, you will consume about half 20W compared to the conventional fluorescent lamps.

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